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Digital Dentistry

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Digital Dentistry

Our cutting edge digital equipment is allowing us to treat patients at
the highest standard of care. 3D dental images are used for
diagnosis and treatment planning. Being able to see the mouth in
three dimensions and share this information with dental laboratories

allows us to produce perfectly fitting restorations and prostheses for our patients.

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We have introduced the cutting-edge CBCT technology to become an essential part of our diagnosis and treatment planning process here at Abilene Family & Cosmetic Dentistry. This tool allows us to visualize the anatomy of bones, nerves and airway spaces in 3D. CBCT technology is truly amazing! Having the opportunity to incorporate this technology into our practice has given us the ability to perform more complex procedures involving same-day implants, oral surgery and complex root canal therapy. With Acteon’s CBCT technology, we are combining 2D and 3D imaging, which allows us to create customized treatment plans with more accuracy than ever before! 


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